H41 Interceptor Particulate Blocking Hoods

At Fire-Dex, we develop head-to-toe PPE to help you perform your best when you're needed most.

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When a Hood is More than a Hood

You take precautions to make sure that your crew is safe from extreme heat and fire on every call. Standard fire hoods fight the elements, but most fail to combat the unseen danger; carcinogens.

Expect more from your PPE. 


Presenting the most complete fire hood protection:
The H41 Interceptor Particulate Blocking Hood

These Fire-Dex hoods are developed with your choice of a barrier designed to protect against potentially harmful carcinogens. Unique to the H41 Interceptor's design, particulate protection is offered throughout the entire hood, including the highly-permeable skin around your face and neck. In addition, the H41 Interceptor emanates great thermal protection (TPP) & breathability (THL) values. 

Choose your protection:

  • The H41 Interceptor made with DuPontâ„¢ Nomex Nano Flex, offering PBI protection for maximum performance
  • The H41 Interceptor made with Stedair PREVENT featuring 99.9% particulate filtration efficiency- even after 100 washes

Be proactive: Protect your crew from the risk they can't see.

What Firefighters have to say about H41 Interceptor Hoods

"Our department continues to implement new technologies and practices to protect responders as they work to serve our community. These new hoods are composed of materials that not only protect our firefighters from fire and heat, but also help protect them from cancer causing microparticle carcinogens.- Spotsylvania County Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management

"We just got these hoods. After two fires I noticed a change. I no longer smell the fire when I shave the next day. That used to be a "normal" thing. I credit the new hood." 
-Lieutenant Bob Arnold of Midland FD 

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