TECGEN51® Fatigues

With heat stress and cancer as the leading causes of firefighter occupational deaths, it’s time to change the way you think about your PPE.

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Defend Yourself Against Contamination

Wearing structural gear on non-fire emergencies can cause unnecessary stress on your body and contribute to repeated exposure to potentially-harmful contaminants.

Try utilizing our lightweight, single-layer alternative on 90% of your calls, including MVAs, extrication and rescue. This dual-certified garment is designed to reduce heat stress and exposure to carcinogens.

With high levels of thermal protection and incredible breathability, TECGEN51® fatigues make a comfortable fit for every departments' needs.

Cardiovascular Stress

55%-60% of all Line of Duty deaths are a results of Cardiovascular failure. 

When used as an alternative set of PPE on non-fire calls, TECGEN51 fatigues can:

  • Reduce unnecessary stresses
    often associated with wearing multiple-layered structure gear

  • Preserve the life of your turnouts

  • Provide unmatched TPP, RPP and breathability*

*this is made possible with the use of TECGEN fabric. Only available in Fire-Dex products.

Carcinogen Exposure

Cancer is the newest threat beyond smoke inhalation, and it is quickly making an impact on the fire industry.

Wearing TECGEN51 fatigues can:

  • Limit exposure to contaminants that have adhered to your turnout gear 

  • Reduce the spread of these contaminants from entering other scenes or the firehouse

  • Handle the toughest non-fire calls while your structural gear is out of service for cleaning or repair

*TECGEN51 Fatigues may be substituted for EMS or USAR gear within the Interceptor Package.


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