TECGEN71 Outer Shell

At Fire-Dex, we develop head-to-toe PPE to help you perform your best when you're needed most.


Is it Worth the Weight?

Drop 4 lbs in Turnout Weight by Switching to TECGEN71!


You carry enough weight on your shoulders, don't let your turnout gear add to it. 

TECGEN71 is the only outer shell material that can be paired with the lightest thermal liners and moisture barriers available to firefighters today. Unlike most outer shells, TECGEN71 emits greater breathability and thermal protection, allowing lightweight composite systems to pass NFPA 1971 certification.

Choosing turnouts with a TECGEN71 Outer Shell can help you lose up to 4lbs and reduce heat stress. 


FXR Turnouts With TECGEN71

When you pair the TECGEN71 Outer Shell with our FXR turnout design, you get gear that moves with your body, helps you reduce exertion and offers greater range of motion- even while wearing your SCBA!

Engineered together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, FXR Turnouts are customizable to get your the perfect fit.

Make the switch and feel the difference 👇


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